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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you come to my house?

No, we don’t make site visits. To keep our design service affordable, we limit travel, which is why we have set up our expansive showroom that displays over 6000 interior finishes. If you are renovating, we ask you to bring a dimensioned floor plan to your consultation and take plenty of site photos.


Can you do video consultations?

At this stage, we do not. This is because colours aren’t visually accurate through screens, which means ultimately we would need you to come to our showroom to confirm your finishes, defeating the purpose of remote consultations.


I am on a tight budget. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! Our business model makes obtaining interior design advice affordable for everyone. Provided you come prepared with inspiration imagery, floor plans, and photographs, most people can select all their interior finishes within the initial 2-hour consultation. All our displayed samples are also grouped into price tiers, so to keep your costs down, we can easily select from the more affordable products.


Do I have to bring inspirational imagery?

No, you don’t have to. However, we will need to work out what design style you would like to achieve, which will take valuable time in your consultation. Those that don’t come prepared almost always need follow-up consultations which we charge at $120 incl. GST per hour.


Do I have to bring a floor plan?

We prefer floor plans as they indicate how your rooms flow within your house. Floor plans are also helpful when you have other questions, such as furniture, power point positioning, etc. If you are renovating and don’t have access to a current floor plan, we suggest you quickly site measure, sketch your house plan, and take plenty of photos.


I have already found something I like. (e.g. a tile), can I still use your service and keep this tile?

Absolutely! We are not limited to our showroom suppliers and welcome any products. Please ensure you bring samples to your consultation so we can incorporate the colours into your scheme. We will also try our best to give you access to trade pricing on the outsourced products.


What if I can’t find the right product in your showroom?

With over 6000 residential finishes on display within our showroom, we are set up to make the design process efficient. However, we know that we can’t display everything and may need to outsource the odd product. We are not limited to only specifying from our showroom suppliers and often outsource for our clients. To do this, we charge hourly and will need you to come back into our showroom for a follow-up consultation to confirm the selection. Alternatively, you are welcome to take your sample board away and find the product yourself.


I am renovating but can’t change an architectural element (e.g. my joinery colour). Is this a problem?

Renovating always has its limitations, whether it be for body corporate or budget reasons. If there is an existing element that you can’t change, please take plenty of photos and, if possible, try to find a paint colour match to bring along to the consultation. The more information you provide us, the easier we will be able to incorporate the element within your scheme.


Can you help pick exterior colours?

Yes, we can help pick paint, timber stains, roofing, and joinery powder coat colours. If you do want help with your exterior finishes, we will need elevations and photographs of every side of your house. We will also need detailed information about the materials (e.g. type of weatherboards) as many products are restrictive on colour LRVs.


I want to keep some of my art and furniture. Will this affect my overall result?

You absolutely can keep all your art and furniture. We do suggest you take detailed photographs and even try to find a paint colour match so we can ensure the existing colours are incorporated within your scheme.


I am having trouble figuring out where to put my furniture. Can you help?

We certainly can help you. Firstly, we will need a dimensioned floor plan of the space/s and exact sizes of the furniture pieces you have so we can accurately create a floor plan. We also ask you to take photographs of the furniture and space so we can make sure the pieces aesthetically work together.


Can you help me pick furniture and decor?

Of course, we can help. To ensure we select the correct furniture sizes for your space, we require you to provide us with a dimensioned floor plan of the space/s. As a bonus, we also have access to trade pricing, which ranges from 10% to 50% off retail.

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