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Are you looking for a bespoke interior design solution in Auckland? Look no further. Our team specialises in bespoke solutions that transform any space into something truly exceptional. We believe in creating spaces that seamlessly combine aesthetics and functionality through careful consideration of texture and simplicity.

Bespoke Interior Design

Our dedication to carefully curating interiors with a focus on contemporary yet timeless design has earned us a reputation as experts in the industry. We pride ourselves on working one-on-one with each client to create unique, personalised design solutions that exceed expectations. Our residential bespoke consultation service caters to a diverse range of projects and budgets, ensuring that every client's vision is brought to life.


Our expert team, led by founder Emma Adkins and designer Georgia Hay, brings a wealth of experience and creativity to every project, ensuring that each space is thoughtfully curated to exude contemporary elegance and timeless charm. 


Our design process begins from the minute you walk into our showroom for your consultation. Once you introduce your project requirements, budget, and timeline to one of our designers, the product, finish and colour selection process begins.  During your bespoke interior design consultation, our designer will offer advice and assist in selecting all the finishes for your home, allowing you to make informed and confident decisions.


Our team collaborates with trusted suppliers and manufacturers to source high-quality materials and furniture for your project. We adhere to sustainable design practices, incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions whenever possible. We maintain clear communication throughout the design process , ensuring a seamless and stress-free design journey.


Our bespoke interior design Auckland service offers an array of customisation options to suit your style and preferences. With our expert guidance, you can transform your house into a home that reflects your personality and brings you joy every day.

  • Custom Furniture Advice: Elevate your interior with expert advice on custom furniture options. Our skilled designers will provide recommendations that perfectly fit your space and style. Say goodbye to generic furniture and hello to pieces that are as special and individual as you are.

  • Unique Artwork Selection: Make a bold statement with carefully curated artwork that speaks to your soul. Our team of experts can help you select pieces that add a touch of personality and sophistication to your space. Let your walls tell a story and infuse your interior with art that resonates with you.

  • Exquisite Lighting Fixtures: Transform the atmosphere of your space with expert advice on lighting fixtures. Create a warm and inviting ambiance or  sleek and modern sophistication with lighting options that suit your style.

  • Custom Window Treatments: Enhance your windows and soften your space with personalised advice on custom drapery and blinds. We can recommend options that add a touch of elegance and practicality to your space.

  • Bespoke Rugs and Carpets: Complete your space with tailored advice on custom-made rugs and carpets. Choose from a variety of patterns, colours, and textures to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

  • Personalised Accessories: Add character and charm to your space with advice from an expert interior designer on personalised accessories, such as decorative pillows, throws, and display objects.

  • Tailored Wall Treatments: Transform your walls with customised advice on wall coverings, including wallpapers, murals, and textured finishes to create a visually captivating interior.


Contact us today for an exclusive interior design consultation and let your imagination soar.


Transparent and Affordable Pricing

We believe in transparency and ensuring that our clients receive the utmost value for their investment. With our clear and affordable pricing structure, our clients can be sure they will receive a bespoke interior design consultation catering to their  unique needs and preferences.

Our modern interior design consultation includes a comprehensive 2-hour session with one of our expert designers. We are proud to offer this exclusive 2-hour consultation for a competitive price of just $780. During this dedicated time, your designer will delve into understanding your vision, lifestyle, and specific requirements to curate a space that perfectly reflects your personality.

We value our clients, and as a token of appreciation, we provide exclusive discount coupons for the products you have selected during the consultation. These special offers allow you to acquire high-quality materials and furnishings at reduced prices. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step to create a truly customised bespoke interior.

Step into Our Immersive Showroom Experience

As part of our bespoke interior design consultation service, we go the extra mile to ensure that you have everything you need to make informed decisions about your design project. Our interactive showroom serves as a treasure trove of inspiration, where you can explore a vast selection of material and finish samples firsthand. With over 6000 samples on display, you can touch, feel, and compare various textures, colours, and materials, all within our state-of-the-art showroom. This immersive experience allows you to visualise how different elements come together, enabling you to make confident choices that align with your style preferences and design vision.

Our design team will be by your side to guide you through the showroom, providing expert advice and insights into the different options available. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of natural wood, the sleek sophistication of polished metals, or the versatility of modern composites, our showroom allows you to explore the possibilities and discover what truly resonates with you.

We will also curate a personalised sample board for you during the consultation as part of our design service package. The sample board serves as a visual representation of your chosen materials and finishes, so you can see how your interior elements harmoniously blend together to create a cohesive and captivating space. It's an invaluable tool to ensure that your vision translates seamlessly into reality. Best of all, the sample board can be easily carried under your arm into furniture stores so you can feel confident the pieces you purchase will work within your home. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and step into a world of inspiration and creativity.

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