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The Importance of Seeking Professional Design Advice

Tackling your own project may seem doable and fun in the beginning, but demands from trades, architects and councils can quickly become overwhelming. Soon enough, with impeding long lead times and construction commenced, you find yourself in a position where decisions are being demanded and suddenly you have run out of time to source, design, and finalise your finishes. This is the moment when seeking professional design advice becomes a necessity to eliminate uncertainty and stress.

Eliminate Stress and Self-doubt

After a week’s worth of showroom visits, you may find yourself full of hesitation and self-doubt as you stare at a sea of chip sizes samples that all look the same. The more options you have does not mean more clarity, but in fact only creates more confusion. Interior designers’ eye for colour and ability to visualise spaces, enables them to vastly narrow down the selection and confidently present a collection of finishes that work cohesively through your home.

Save Time and Money

Renovating and building is no small undertaking; it is costly, and decisions need to be thoroughly thought out to ensure your home is cohesive and your property value increases. Interior designers simplify the selection process and know what areas require more cash injection, therefore limiting travel time and ensuring you spend your money wisely.

Ensuring Selected Products Are Fit for Purpose

It can become overwhelming trekking between showrooms and wading through the sales pitches and technical specifications to find the best product for your home. A good interior designer will have a vast knowledge of products on the market and will specify finishes fit for purpose and within budget; once again saving you time, money and ensuring the longevity of your home.

Work alongside Architects to maximise the outcome

Architects and draftsman are passionate about the building structure and ensuring your rooms are located in the opportune position for the sun and view, however, we the understanding of how the client intends to live within the spaces can sometimes be overlooked. We always recommend getting an interior designer to look over your architectural plans before finalising. We look to see if the space is being used to full potential of how a client lives e.g., storage is maximised, layout of utility spaces such as kitchens are functional and checking enough room has been allowed for furnishings etc.

Access to trade accounts

Ever wonder how Interior Designers can always find what you’ve been looking for at a drop of a hat, that is because they have a long list of retailers and wholesalers they work closely with. On top of this most Interior Designer will provide you with trade discounts off the products purchased saving even more money and maybe even recouping the entire cost back of your design consultations.


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