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10 Inspiring House Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

A beautiful thing about home interior design is that your possibilities are endless. You can use colours, textures, decor, furniture and more to make your home truly special in a way that’s completely unique from any other house in Aotearoa.

But where do you start? It can be a bit difficult to know what’s best for you when there are so many products to choose from.

One of the best ways to find your design style and narrow down the options is to research inspiring design ideas by scrolling Pinterest or flicking through magazines pages. It's not about finding the perfect image to copy directly, but more about picking elements that inspire you; whether it be colour combinations, furniture proportions or simply that you love how they layered texture. You may even find one or more of the ideas in this article worth researching further.

Interior design ideas to turn your house into a home

Turn your house into a home by getting creative with these ten design ideas and tips that’ll completely transform your home’s atmosphere:

1. Bring The Outdoors In. Natural elements are a big trend in interior design right now and for good reason. Plants and flowers have a natural beauty that’s simply divine. House plants can liven a space by adding colour, texture and the softness of organic shapes to make any room feel fresh and inviting.

Hot tip: Before choosing your plants, be sure to research and understand their light and care requirements. Dead plants or dying plants will create the opposite effect.

2. Get Creative Through The Use Of Fabrics And Textiles. Using fabric is an incredible way to make a room more interesting. Many house interior design specialists prioritise the use of fabric to add colour and texture to spaces as they can be easily changed with trends. Fixed furnishing such as cabinetry can create dramatic features but are far more costly to replace.

You can easily brighten and personalise any room through drapery, plush luxurious cushions and decor using vibrant fabric.

Hot tip: wallpaper and paint are other fairly inexpensive and easy to replace ways to add colour and pattern to your home.

3. Be Bold With Colours. Using colour is a fantastic way to make a statement without saying a word. Gorgeous colours can make any room feel more inviting, interesting and personal to you.

Remember, that not only does colour affect your mood, but it also carries cool or warm characteristics. An example of this is if you have a cold dark room that you want to liven up with colour; you should select a light warm-toned derivative of Red or Yellow such as pink, cream or taupe. You can also make the space feel lighter and bigger by keeping the colours pale which will maximise light bouncing off the surfaces. Selecting dark and cool colours such as a cobalt blue will only amplify an already dark and cold room.

Hot tip: If you are ever unsure about colour derivatives or combinations, it's well worth having a look at a colour wheel to ensure your selections work together.

4. Use Mirrors To Make Spaces Feel Bigger. Mirrors aren’t just for checking that you look amazing before you head out; they can also be made for functional purposes. Mirrors actually make a room feel brighter and larger, so they are an excellent choice for more compact rooms.

Hot Tip: When positioned correctly, mirrors have a wonderful ability to showcase and feature elements in a space that are otherwise positioned slightly out of view. This could be perhaps an exterior view or a piece of art that you want to highlight as a focal point.

5. Mix And Match Different Styles. Mixing and matching different styles is another popular trend. This could mean combining traditional pieces with modern ones, or mixing different patterns and textures. The key is to create a look that’s both stylish and unique to you.

Hot tip: No matter whether you're selecting colour or positioning furniture, keep in mind the 60:30:10 rule to ensure your space is proportional and well balanced.

6. Go Minimalist. Minimalism is still a very popular trend! It’s the perfect way to create a clean and clutter-free space. If you want a minimalistic look, choose simple furniture and accessories with clean lines, and use a limited colour scheme.

Hot tip: This is more obvious than hot, but PLENTY of hidden storage is a MUST! We all have ‘stuff’ that we need to keep for everyday life, so to keep your interior minimalist, storage is non-negotiable. Be smart with your furniture purchases to ensure they not only look the part but also include necessary storage.

7. Think Green. Smart interior design isn’t just about colours and furniture; it’s also about smart choices. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important and this is being reflected in interior design trends.

Hot tip: Look for furniture and accessories in antique or second hand stores. These purchases can save you money and are fantastic for a small D.I.Y project to recycle old materials and produce a one off piece to suit your design style. An all around win-win in my book.

8. Consider Lighting Design. Lighting can make a noticeable difference in the overall look and feel of a room. Use various lighting sources to create different moods for different parts of your home ranging from task lighting in offices, ambient lighting in lounge areas and accent lighting to highlight art and decor.

Hot tip: Lighting is an integral part of your home that needs to function properly. It is expensive and can be very easy to get wrong, so we always recommend seeking professional lighting design advice. Most lighting suppliers have an in-house lighting design team and service available at minimal to no cost provided you purchase their products. This is a service I can not recommend more highly.

9. Add Curves and Rounded Shapes. Organic shapes are having a moment in interior design as current design trends are breaking away from the previous angled structure into gentle organic and cosy curved furniture, such as sofas or chairs. Rounded mirrors and organic decor will create a calm and more relaxed atmosphere.

Top Tip: Curved sofas not only add interest to your living room but are also far better conversation pieces as they create intimacy and inclusion.

10. Dress up your walls. Stark white walls are being replaced with warm neutrals, tactile textures and pops of colour. Wallpaper is also making a return with its new easy removal technology and making it easily interchangeable with the trends.

Hot tip: Celebrate artwork and incorporate it into your spaces by drawing inspiration from its colours and forms. To make your artwork pop and feature as it should on your walls, it's important to balance it with surrounding negative wall space.

Need help selecting interior finishes for your home?

It’s one thing to know about all of these amazing house interior design ideas, but it’s another to implement them creatively and effectively. This may sound difficult if you don’t have experience with interior design but don’t worry; we’re here to help.

We at Sample Workshop are dedicated to helping New Zealanders like you to make their homes more beautiful and inviting. We can help you make the right design choices with our interior design service.

We're available if you’re ready to transform your home and your life! You can easily book our services from our website. Or, you can reach us on (09) 869 8048 if you have any questions for us.

Make your New Zealand home more gorgeous, more welcoming and more personalised with Sample Workshop.


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